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The Toontown Rewritten Dialogue Project!

Welcome to the homepage for the Toontown Rewritten Dialogue Project! The goal of this project is to create a sort of archive for all of the story-relevant task dialogue in the game, since there's currently no place to read all of that outside of playing the game itself, requiring you to build up a toon to see any specific line of dialogue. When complete, this site will compile all of the important dialogue in one place for ease of access.

This project is a huge work in progress, so things will be updated every now and then as progress is made. Enjoy your stay!

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other links:
screenshots (google drive) || ttr wiki task page || ttr wiki resistance task page


0 - Miscellaneous

0.1 - Pregame
0.2 - April Toons' Week
0.3 - Holidays
0.4 - Operation Storm Sellbot
0.5 - Operation Crash Cashbot

1 - Toontown Central

2 - Donald's Dock

3 - Daisy Gardens

4 - Minnie's Melodyland

5 - The Brrrgh

6 - Donald's Dreamland

7 - Lawbot + Bossbot Suit

8 - Trainee

9 - Explorer

10 - Sleuth

11 - Smasher

BONUS - Exclusive Cutscenes