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1 - Toontown Central

1.1 - Gag Training
1.2 - 25 Gag Pouch
1.3 - Carry 2 ToonTasks
1.4 - Carry 50 Jellybeans
1.5 - Teleport access to Toontown Central
1.6 - +1 Laff (Professor Pete)
1.7 - +2 Laff (Honey Haha)
1.8 - +2 Laff (Professor Wiggle)
1.9 - +3 Laff (Sticky Lou)
1.10 - Final Gag Training

1.1 - Gag Training

HQ Officer:
Phew, tired yet?
You know... You look like you could use some new gags.
Go see Flippy, maybe he can help you out.
Flippy's building is called "Toon Hall"...
...which is in this playground.

Heya! I remember seeing you outside of Tom's place earlier.
I don't believe I formally introduced myself...
I'm Flippy, President of the Toon Council here in Toontown.
Hopefully we'll be seeing each other a lot more often!
It looks like you need to practice training your gags.
You see, every time you hit a Cog with one of your gags it increases your experience.
When you get enough experience, you'll be able to buy an even better gag.
Why not try it out?
To get some practice in, try defeating 4 Cogs on the streets.
See ya, [Toon Name]!

Owooo, nice work! Got a new gag yet?
You know, the Cogs come in four different types.
There are Sellbots for marketing...
Cashbots for accounting...
Lawbots for legal advice...
And Bossbots to keep them all in line.
They all wear different suits and nametags, so you'll be able to see the difference easily.
Check your Shticker Book if you need some help identifying them.
Here, let's practice. Go defeat 4 of those [Sellbots / Cashbots / Lawbots / Bossbots] I talked about!
Good luck!

Oh good, you're back. I was getting worried that you got lost!
Do you understand the difference between the 4 Cogs now?
I think that you're ready to go ahead and start training for a new gag track.
[Franz Neckvein / Honey Haha / Librarian Larry] is an expert on gags. [He / She / He] can give you some advice on your next track.
[Franz Neckvein / Honey Haha / Librarian Larry]'s building is called "[The Punch Line Gym / The Laughin' Place / Toontown Library]"...
...which is [on Punchline Place / on Silly Street in Toontown Central / in the Toontown Central Playground].
See ya, [Toon Name]!

Franz Neckvein / Honey Haha / Librarian Larry:
Throw and Squirt are great, but you're going to need more gags to fight those higher level Cogs.
When you team up with other Toons against the Cogs, you can combine your gags for even more giggles!
Try different combinations of gags to see what works best.
To start you off, you can choose between Sound and Toon-Up.
Sound is special: When it hits, it damages ALL Cogs rather than a single one.
Toon-Up hits all of your targets too -- but they aren't Cogs!
Instead of hitting the Cogs, Toon-Up heals other Toons by making them laugh.
That way you can keep Toons from going sad in battle!
I understand it's a tough decision, so take your time to choose wisely.
You may want to ask a few friends what they think so you can plan strategies together.
When you are ready to decide, come back here and take your pick.
That's about all I can tell you. Good luck on training!

Franz Neckvein / Honey Haha / Librarian Larry:
Ready to decide? Choose a track, or feel free to come back later.
Ah, great decision!
Hang on a minute, I can't just GIVE you the gags. Didn't Flippy tell you about training?
Before you can use your new gag track, you need to know how to use them by collecting film strips.
Toon HQ can give you a few ToonTasks to earn them.
There are 15 film strips, which form an animation to show you how to use your new gags.
When you collect all 15, you can get the Final Gag Training task that will allow you to use them.
You can check your progress in the Shticker Book.
You can now train for "[Chosen Track]" gags.
That's about all I can tell you. Good luck on training!

1.2 - 25 Gag Pouch

HQ Officer:
Loony Louis needs some help with his clown cars.
Loony Louis's building is called "Used Clown Cars"...
...which is on Silly Street in Toontown Central.
Good luck!

Loony Louis:
Yowza! I can't find the tires to this here clown car anywhere...
Do ya think you could help me out?
Loopy Bob must have tossed them in that creek in the Toontown Central playground.
If you stand on one of the docks there you can try to fish it out without getting too muddy.
Don't forget to bring some jellybeans for bait!

Loony Louis:
Fan-flying-tastic! Now I can get this ol' clown car on the road again.
Hrmmph, I swear I had an air pump around here to get these tires a-poppin'...
Maybe Lucy Tires borrowed it. Mind gettin' it for me?
Lucy Tires's building is called "Crack Up Auto Repair"...
...which is on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.

Lucy Tires:
Hi there. What can I do for you?
A tire pump you say? Huh.
I'll tell you what - clear out the street of some of those high-level Cogs...
And I'll let you have the pump.

Lucy Tires:
Ha, I knew you could do it.
Here's the pump - I found it in the back of my shop just now.
I'm sure Loony Louis will be glad to get it back...
But tell him I'm still waiting for him to return my monkeywrench!

Loony Louis:
Yeeeeehaw! Now I'm good to go.
A monkeywrench? Bah, that can wait.
By the way, thanks for helping me out.
Here, take this for your troubles.
With this Medium Gag Pouch, you can now carry 25 gags.

1.3 - Carry 2 ToonTasks

HQ Officer:
There's been some trouble over at 14 Karat Goldfish.
Sharky Jones could probably use a hand.
Sharky Jones's building is called "14 Karat Goldfish"...
...which is on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.
Have fun in Toontown!

Sharky Jones:
Thanks for coming - the Cogs stole all my goldfish.
I think the Cogs want to sell them to make a quick buck.
Those 5 fish have been my only companions in this tiny store for so many years...
If you could get them back for me I'd really appreciate it.
I'm sure one of the Cogs has my fish.
Defeat Cogs until you find my goldfish.

Sharky Jones:
Oh, you have my fish!
Huh? What's this - a receipt?
Sigh, I guess they are Cogs, after all.
I can't make heads or tails out of this receipt. Could you take it to Professor Wiggle and see if he can read it?
Professor Wiggle's building is called "Professor Wiggle's House of Giggles"...
...which is on Punchline Place in Toontown Central.

Professor Wiggle:
Mmm, let me see that receipt.
...Ah Yes, it says that 1 goldfish was sold to a Flunky.
It doesn't seem to mention what happened to the other 4 fish.
Maybe you should try and find that Flunky.

Sharky Jones:
Oh thank heavens! You found Oscar - he's my favorite, but don't tell the others.
What's that, Oscar? Uh huh... they did? ... THEY ARE?
Well, what are we waiting for?
Oscar says the other 4 escaped into the pond in the playground.
Could you go round them up for me?
Just fish them out of the pond.

Sharky Jones:
Welcome, [Toon Name]!
You found them?!
Ahh, I am sooo happy to be reunited with my little buddies!
You deserve a handsome reward for this!
You can now have 2 ToonTasks.

1.4 - Carry 50 Jellybeans

HQ Officer:
The Cashbots have really been bothering the Funny Money Savings and Loan.
Stop by there and see if there is anything you can do.
Woody Nickel's building is called "Funny Money Savings & Loan"...
...which is on Silly Street in Toontown Central.
See you later!

Woody Nickel:
Cashbots have been sneaking into the bank and stealing our machines.
Please recover 5 adding machines from Cashbots.
To save you from running back and forth, just bring them all back at once.

Woody Nickel:
Wow! Thanks for finding our adding machines.
Hm... They look a little damaged.
Say, could you take them over to Feather Duster over at her shop, "Tickle Machines" on this street?
See if she can fix them.

Feather Duster:
What's that? Broken adding machines?
Cashbots you say?
Well, let's have a look see...
Yep, gears are stripped, but I'm out of that part...
You know what might work - some Cog gears, large ones, from larger Cogs...
Level 3 Cog gears should do the trick. I'll need 2 for each machine, so 10 total.
Bring them back all at once and I'll fix em up!

Feather Duster:
Ah yes, that should do the trick indeedy.
All fixed now, free of charge.
Take these back to Funny Money, and tell 'im I said howdy.

Woody Nickel:
Hi, [Toon Name]!
Adding machines all fixed up?
Nice work. I'm sure I've got something around here to reward you with...
You can now carry 50 jellybeans.

1.5 - Teleport access to Toontown Central

HQ Officer:
Running back and forth everywhere can get pretty tiring, can't it?
Every Toon here in Toontown has their own Portable Hole to get around town.
Visit [Will Wiseacre / Mary] if you want to get around a bit more easily. They have something that I think you'll enjoy!
[Will Wiseacre / Mary]'s building is called "[Wiseacre's Noisemakers / Mary's Go Around Travel Company]"...
...which is on [Loopy Lane / Silly Street] in Toontown Central.
Have fun in Toontown!

Will Wiseacre / Mary:
Hi! What brings you here?
Ah, a future traveler like myself!
As you know, everybody uses their portable hole to travel around Toontown.
Why, you can teleport to your friends using the Friends List, or to any neighborhood using the map in the Shticker Book.
Of course, you have to earn that!
Say, I can turn on your teleport access to Toontown Central if you help out a friend of mine.
Seems the Cogs are causing trouble over on Loopy Lane... Can you visit [Tee Hee / Sally Spittake / Charlie Chortle]?
[Tee Hee / Sally Spittake / Charlie Chortle]'s building is called "[Laughter Hours Cafe / Soup and Crack Ups / Chortle Cafe]"...
...which is on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.
Have fun in Toontown!

Tee Hee / Sally Spittake / Charlie Chortle:
Oh, thanks for stopping by. I really need some help.
As you can see, I have no customers.
My secret recipe book is lost and nobody comes to my restaurant anymore.
I last saw it just before those Cogs took over my building...
I'd bet my Laff that one of them took it to market my meals!
Can you help me by finding four of my famous recipes?

Tee Hee / Sally Spittake / Charlie Chortle:
You found them! Thank you so much!
Before long, I'll have the entire collection and can reopen my restaurant.
Oh, I have a note here for you - something about teleport access?
It's from Mary... It says she has gone on another trip, but to thank you for helping me out.
Well, thanks indeed! Bring this note to Toon HQ, and I'm sure they will give you Mary's reward.

HQ Officer:
Hi, [Toon Name]!
Ah, yes, it says here you have been a great help to some of the fine folks out on Loopy Lane.
Mary says that you've done well, and need teleport access to Toontown Central.
Well, consider it done!
Now you can teleport back to the playground from almost anywhere in Toontown.
Just open your map and click on Toontown Central.
You've been a big help to us all here, but the Toon HQ in Donald's Dock has heard of your deeds and needs your assistance!
As soon as you finish your last few tasks, head over there and pick up your next ToonTask.
Make sure to stop by and visit again soon!
You now have teleport access to Toontown Central.

1.6 - +1 Laff (Professor Pete)

HQ Officer:
Professor Pete is conducting some research on the Cogs.
Go talk to him if you want to help out.
Professor Pete's building is called "Toontown School House"...
...which is in the Toontown Central Playground.

Professor Pete:
That's right. I'm conducting a study of the Cogs.
I've been wondering - what really makes those suits tick?
Gears must be part of it - I'm sure of that...
Based on the explosions, they have plenty of them.
Mind grabbing some from your next Cog battle?
Make sure you get them from at least Level 2 Cogs so they're big enough to examine.

Professor Pete:
Ah ha! Let's take a look...
These are excellent specimens.
Here's my report - No peeking!
Take this back to Toon Headquarters right away.

HQ Officer:
Howdy, [Toon Name]!
He's done already?
Good work [Toon Name], we'll take this one from here.
Your Laff limit has been increased by 1.

1.7 - +2 Laff (Honey Haha)

HQ Officer:
Hey, Honey Haha has been looking for you.
She's heard of your excellent Gag work around town and want to give you a bit of useful information.
Honey Haha's building is called "The Laughin' Place"...
...which is on Silly Street in Toontown Central.
Good luck!

Honey Haha:
Oh, hello! I bet you're here for the information Toon HQ told you about.
You see, I hear that Loony Labs is working on a sort of Cog Radar.
It will let you see if certain Cogs are on the street to keep better track of them.
That Cog Gallery in your Shticker Book is the key.
By defeating enough of them, you can tune into their signals and actually track where they are.
You can also see those scary Cog Buildings on your Street M.A.P.S. when you defeat enough.
Based on what I've heard about you, I bet it will be a huge help!
In the meantime, can you defeat a few of the bigger Cogs on the streets for me? It will certainly help with your radar.

HQ Officer:
Hey there, [Toon Name]!
The Cog Radar, eh?
It's experimental, but definitely useful.
Here, you could probably use this...
Your Laff limit has been increased by 2.
See you later!

1.8 - +2 Laff (Professor Wiggle)

HQ Officer:
Professor Wiggle is running low on supplies. Maybe you can give him a hand?
Professor Wiggle's building is called "Professor Wiggle's House of Giggles"...
...which is on Punchline Place in Toontown Central.

Professor Wiggle:
Thanks for stopping by!
Those Cogs have been stealing my ink, so I'm running very low.
Could you fish some octopus ink out of the pond for me?
Just stand on a dock near the pond to fish.

Professor Wiggle:
Great - thanks for the ink!
You know what, maybe if you cleared away some of those Bloodsuckers...
I wouldn't run out of ink again so quickly.
Defeat 6 Bloodsuckers in Toontown Central for your reward.

Professor Wiggle:
Greetings [Toon Name]!
Thanks! Let me reward you for your help.
Your Laff limit has been increased by 2.

1.9 - +3 Laff (Sticky Lou)

HQ Officer:
Sticky Lou appears to be in a sticky situation...
If you help him out, he says he'll be glad to give you a big boost.
Sticky Lou's building is called "Blue Glue"...
...which is on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.
Good luck!

Sticky Lou:
I spilled some Blue Glue and I'm stuck - stuck cold!
If there were a way out, I sure would be sold.
That gives me an idea, if you are feeling loyal.
Defeat a few Sellbots and bring back some oil.

Sticky Lou:
The oil helped a little, but still I cannot budge.
What else would help? It's too hard to judge.
That gives me an idea; it's worth a try at least...
Defeat those Lawbots and bring back some grease.

Sticky Lou:
Nope, that didn't help. This is really not funny.
I put the grease right there on the money!
That gives me an idea! Now before I forget it...
Defeat some Cashbots; bring back water to wet it.

Sticky Lou:
Hooray! I'm free of this quick drying glue.
As a reward, I have a gift for you.
You can laugh a little longer while battling, and then...
Yipes! I'm already stuck here again!
Your Laff limit has been increased by 3.

1.10 - Final Gag Training

HQ Officer:
I hear Postmaster Pete needs help with a package.
Postmaster Pete's building is called "Toontown Post Office"...
...which is on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.
Good luck!

Postmaster Pete:
Hi - thanks for coming in.
A Cog stole a very important package from right under my nose.
Please see if you can get it back. I think he was a level 3...
So, defeat level 3 Cogs until you find my package.

Postmaster Pete:
That's it, all right!
Hey, the address is smudged...
All I can read it that it's for a Dr. - the rest is all blurry.
Maybe it's for Dr. Tom? Could you take it to him?
Dr. Tom's building is called "Dr. Tom Foolery"...
...which is on Silly Street in Toontown Central.

Dr. Tom:
I wasn't expecting a package. Maybe it's for Dr. I.M. Euphoric?
My assistant was going over there today anyway, so I'll have him check for you.
In the meantime, would you mind getting rid of some of the Cogs on my street?
Defeat 10 Cogs in Toontown Central.

Dr. Tom:
Dr. Euphoric says he wasn't expecting a package either.
Unfortunately, a Sellbot stole the package from my assistant on the way back.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to find that Sellbot and get it back.

Dr. Tom:
Great - you got it back!
Maybe you should try Dr. Pulyurleg, it could be for him.
Dr. Pulyurleg's building is called "Dr. Pulyurleg, Chiropractor"...
...which is on Punchline Place in Toontown Central.

Dr. Pulyurleg:
Oh, thanks for bringing me my packages.
Wait a second, I was expecting two. Could you check with Postmaster Pete and see if he has the other one?

Postmaster Pete:
He said there was another package? Maybe the Cogs stole it too.
Defeat Cogs until you find the second package.

Postmaster Pete:
I guess there was a second package after all!
Hurry and take it over to Dr. Pulyurleg with my apologies.

Dr. Pulyurleg:
How are you, [Toon Name]?
Hey, my package is here!
Since you seem to be such a helpful Toon, this should come in handy.
You may now carry and use "[Chosen Track]" gags.