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0.1.1 - Doomsday Election
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0.1.1 - Doomsday Election

Doctor Surlee:
Hrm, you heard the HQ. I better get out of the way before Alec arrives.
Oh, do you like it? Designed it myself. Don't worry about getting close to the ropes; the TV will be showing a live feed for everyone to get a great view.
I know you all will keep trying to jump on top of each other for a better view anyway, though, so try not to hurt anyone.

Alec Tinn:
Hellooo Toontown~!
As many of you know, I'm your Hilarious Host and Eccentric Elector: Alec Tinn!
And of course, we can't forget about our two toonerific toons who have been selected to fight for the Presidency...
Slappy Quackintosh, and Flippy Doggenbottom!
I must say, this turnout is absolutely, positively, extra-tooneriffically, astounding!
It's truly an honor to be here on this day, and I'm sure I speak for all of us when I thank you for coming.
Now, the votes are almost ready to be tallied! Flippy, Slappy, do either of you have anything to say before the moment of truth?

The only thing I have to say, no matter who wins...
I know that Toontown is going to grow to be even more... "Toontastic" than ever before.
All of you are truer-than-truly the best!

Like Slappy said, I can't even begin to thank all of you Toontastic toons for this.
Even after all of this terrific time together, I'm still speechless that I'm here today.
Here's to Toontown, Slappy, and all of you!

Alec Tinn:
Well said, the both of you!
Ooh, I'm just jittering with excitement. Are you toons ready to hear the winners?
Without further ado, it is now time to start the GRAND ELECTORAL COUNTERS!
Here we gooooo...
The winner is...
Oh boy, you can feel the suspense!
Well, there you have it. The new President of the Toon Council...

Holy smokes... I don't even know where to begin!
I know without any doubt that I hereby accept my duty as your President...
...and will Presently Preside with full Presidential Priorities of this Presidentliness!
I will ensure- Uhh...

Alec Tinn:
Wha- What is that...?

Err... Hey there, fella!
My name is Slappy, the newly elected President of the Toon Council in this Toonerrific Town.

President, you say? Just the Toon I need to speak with.

Boy, that's some propeller you have there! You know, it looks a lot like the one on that TV.

Yes. Now as I began to-

Ooh, and the suit too. Where did you come from, anyway? It can't be Loony Labs, they're off today.

See here, Toon. I am-

No, don't tell me. Let me guess. Errrr... Montana. Final answer. No, no, nevermind. They wouldn't have that fancy of a suit there. Hrmm...

I like your lingo, Toon. You know how to schmooze.
However, you seem to need a smear of Positive Reinforcement.

Slappy, NO!

Alec Tinn:
Oh my goodness- he...
No. Nonono, no. This isn't happening.

What have you done?!
Where did you send him?! Where is he?!
What... What are you?

I don't like your tone. Perhaps you need a drop of Positive Reinforcement as well.

No.. No, get away. I don't need your help.

Let me confirm our meeting to discuss this. I won't take no for an answer.

Stop it, this isn't fun!

Fun cannot exist without order.

I'm warning you, stay back. Please.

Don't worry, I haven't been wrong yet.

Stay AWAY from me!

Doctor Surlee:
Everyone, listen. There's no time to explain!
Grab the pies, they seem to be the weakness of these...
Now take up arms, there's more on the way!
Fight for our town. Fight for Slappy!
Flippy, I'm going to need you over here to help with the pies. Can you get cooking?

I can certainly try.

Doctor Surlee:
Mover and Shakers give tremors as they walk -- You'll need to hit them from a distance.
Flippy, we need more pies over here. They're flying out quick.
Keep a close eye on your pie count, it can run out fast.
Come on, get more pies! Fight for the town!
That's what I'm talking about. Keep at it!
Always watch all sides of you, the Cogs are sneaky and love to backstab.

Doctor Surlee:
This is it, toons. They're sending in the boss! Brace yourselves, this will be the toughest one yet!

Director of Ambush Marketing:
Apparently our marketing strategies haven't exactly appealed to you "Toons".
I suppose you could say that "I'm the boss."
I'll be needing to speak with your President directly.I'm prepared to close the deal quickly.
Relax, you'll find this is for the best.
At this rate I'll need to liquidate toons from the picture.
I assure you that you'll find no greater offer.
The Chairman won't be happy until you are.

Here we go...

Director of Ambush Marketing:
Ah, finally. Just the toon I've been searching for.
I hope you won't pull out of the deal like your predecessor.
Don't worry, he is in safe keeping now.

(after throwing pie)
That's for the election!
(after throwing cake)
THAT's for Slappy!
(throws wedding cake)
Toons of the world...

0.1.2 - Toontorial

Tutorial Tom:
Hey, you must be the new Toon in town! Use the MOVEMENT KEYS to come over here.

Tutorial Tom:
These are Cogs. They're the business bots trying to take over Toontown.
There are all sorts of Cogs.
They turn happy Toon buildings...
...into ugly Cog buildings!
The Cogs are tough, but they can't take a joke!
A good gag will put a stop to them.
There are lots of gags, but Clara will tell you about them later. Take these two to start...
Oh! You also need a Laff meter!
When you run out of Laff, you'll turn sad!
A happy Toon is a healthy Toon, you know.
OH NO! There's a Cog outside my shop!
HELP ME, PLEASE! Defeat that Cog!
Here is your first ToonTask!
Hurry up! Go defeat that Flunky!

(after defeating Flunky)

You received 1 Throw point! When you get 10, you will get a new gag!
You received 1 Squirt point! When you get 10, you will get a new gag!

Tutorial Tom:
Good job! You completed your first ToonTask!
Go to Toon Headquarters for your reward!
Have fun!

HQ Harry:
Good work defeating that Flunky. Let me give you your reward...
This book, a Shticker Book, is full of good stuff.
Open it and I'll show you a couple of useful pages.
This is a map of Toontown! It'll keep track of where you have been.
Turn the page to see those gags that Tom gave you.
Yikes! You have no gags! I'll assign you a task...
Turn the page to see your ToonTasks.
Here you go! Take a ride on the Trolley to buy yourself a few new gags.
To get to the Trolley, go out the door behind me and head for the playground.
I'd love to show you more, but no Toon should be without gags for too long! Close the book and you can head out.
There is another Toon HQ in Toontown Central where you can turn in your task once complete. Good luck!

Why, hello there!
Oh! You don't know how to use SpeedChat!
Click on that button up there to say something.
(after saying something)
Very good!
Where you're going, there will be plenty of Toons to talk to.
If you want to chat with other Toons using the keyboard, there's another button you can use...
That one is called the SpeedChat+ button, where you can type to talk. Click on it later to learn more.
Hope that helps! I have a feeling I'll be seeing you later.

Remember to ride the Trolley. You can find the Trolley next to Goofy's Gag Shop.

Clerk Clara:
Hi there! Welcome to the Gag Shop!
This is where Toons come to buy gags to use against the Cogs.
To buy gags, click on buttons there. Try getting a few now!
(after buying a gag)
Sweet! You can use these gags in battle against the Cogs.
Here's a peek at the advanced throw and squirt gags, which you'll get soon enough...
When you're done buying gags, click this button to return to the Playground.
Normally you can use this button to play another Trolley game...
...but there's no time for another game right now. You're needed in Toon HQ!

Congratulations! You found and rode the Trolley! Now report back to Toon Headquarters.

HQ Officer:
I see you had no problem with the Trolley!
Listen, we didn't want to get you involved yet...
...But the Cogs have stolen our blackboard eraser!
We need you to get out there and defeat Cogs to help us find it.
The Cogs only roam on the streets, which means you'll have to leave the Playground to find them.
To reach the streets, go through one of the tunnels like this:
(picture of tunnel)
When you find our eraser, bring it back here right away!
Don't forget to ride the Trolley if you need some more gags.
Also, if you need to recover Laff points, collect ice cream cones in the Playground. They're delicious!

HQ Officer:
Great work!
You know, Toontown is a lot more fun when you have friends.
To make friends, find another Toon and use the New Friend button.
Once you have made a friend, come back here and we'll set you up with a new ToonTask.
Some tasks are too difficult to do alone!

HQ Officer:
Say, did you know that you own a Toon Estate?
An Estate is your own neighborhood where you can relax.
Every Toon on your Pick-a-Toon Panel has their own house there, including you!
Clarabelle Cow runs a phone-in Cattlelog where you can order furniture to decorate your house.
You can also buy SpeedChat phrases, clothing, and other fun things!
I'll phone Clarabelle to send you your first catalog now.
After this first issue, she'll send you a new one every week!
There, your Cattlelog should be on its way. Go home and check it out!
See ya, [Toon Name]!

Your first cattlelog has arrived! You may use this to order new items for yourself or for your house.
Click the "Go home" button on the map page in your Shticker Book, then walk up to the phone inside your house.

Good job using the phone!
Return to Toon Headquarters to claim your reward.

HQ Officer:
Did you buy anything nice?
I just finished redecorating my house, and I must say it looks Toontastic.
Come back if you have time for more ToonTasks - we have plenty of them!
Your Laff limit has been increased by 1.

0.1.3 - Silly Reader

Greetings! How can I help you?

(What's the Silly Meter?)

The Silly Meter is Loony Labs' greatest invention yet!
It tracks the Silly Levels of Toontown, which go up and down based on Toon activity.
The best part is, every time the Silly Meter reaches the top, all of Toontown gets rewarded!
If you want to learn more, you should get a Silly Reader.

(Can I have a Silly Reader?)

Sure thing!
A Silly Reader will let you track the Silly Meter from your Shticker Book, and allow you to join Silly Teams.
But first, I'll need you run around town to boost the silliness.
Could you hop on the trolley and grab 75 Tokens from the Maze Game?
They're a nutritional source of silliness, you know.
Have fun in Toontown!

Great job getting those Tokens from the Maze Game.
Those Cogs patrolling the maze were no match for your evasive maneuvers, I assume?
Speaking of the Cogs, I'll need you to go defeat some.
They've been sapping the Silly Levels recently, and collecting their Silliness Suckers should do the trick.
Every Cog has one nowadays, so get out there and stop them!
So long, [Toon Name].

Lookie here, the Silly Levels are starting to rise again! Great job stopping those Cogs, [Toon Name].
Now, I'll need one last thing form you before I can give you a Silly Reader.
Walk over to Goofy Speedway and complete a race.
I'll need some spare kart grease, and we've found that plenty of it is collected on Toons' shirts every race.
It may seem like a strange request, but trust me! It's the last crucial component to the Silly Reader.
So long, [Toon Name].

This is fantastic work!
I think that you think that we think that you're ready, and you're right!
Let me get your Silly Reader set up for you.
Go ahead and open your Shticker Book.
Welcome to the latest in Loony Labs technology! This is the Silly Reader.
I've turned demo mode on, so the numbers here are different than what you'll see later.
Almost all activities in Toontown generate Silly Points, which make the Silly Meter rise.
You can see how many Silly Points you've accumulated during this cycle here...
...and this bar shows how many more Silly Points are needed to fill the Silly Meter.
When the Silly Meter reaches the top, everyone in Toontown gets a reward!
Join a Silly Team, and the Silly Points you earn will go towards your team.
No matter which Silly Team you join, you'll still be able to get the perks of the winning team.
How do you earn Silly Points, you might ask? Click the "Silly Stats" tab and I'll show you.
Once again, you can see the Silly Points you've collected here.
Below, you'll see a breakdown for everything that's contributed to your Silly Point collection.
Activities ranging from defeating Cogs, racing, golfing, parties, and more will all help create Silly Points.
Most activities will earn more Silly Points if you do them with other Toons!
Be warned: The Cogs are always fighting back to supress this silliness.
Look – on the right side is the Global Silly Points for all of Toontown in the last 15 minutes.
Cog activity that drains the Silly Meter will be marked with a grey Cog icon.
It's vital that you not only try to earn Silly Points, but also fight back against the Cogs!
Now, there's no time to waste. Go ahead and close your Shticker Book.
It's time to go and be silly! If you ever need to hear this again, come back and ask a Scientoon.