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0.2.1 - Loony Labs Shirt
0.2.2 - Cog Buster Outfit
0.2.3 - Silly Particle Search
0.2.4 - Fissionton's Location / Doctor Surlee Cutout
0.2.5 - Emergency Cream Pack
0.2.6 - Cog Buster Outfit

0.2.1 - Loony Labs Shirt (2016 / 2017)

Professor Prepostera:
Yes, yes, it's very true!
The Toontown Pet Shop is, as you can see, officially open!
...As a temporary base of operations for Loony Labs, yes.
You've seen the anomalies, haven't you?
Silliness is all over the place, it's madness!
And that's why Dimm and I are here, to...
What do you mean, 'Doodle'?
No, no. We're doing science here, not pet care!
What do you think this is, a pet shop?
Ah... Right.
Fine, if you must, go talk to President Flippy.
He had one of those strange 'Doodles' before.
Flippy's building is called "Toon Hall"...
...which is in this playground.
See ya, [Toon Name]!

Professor Prepostera sent you here?
Have we finally found Fluffy?!
Oh, I'm sorry for my excitement...
You see, Fluffy was my pet Doodle, but he's been lost recently.
I'd do anything to get that little guy back.
You know, maybe you could help me.
I was supposed to help out some lower laff Toons today, but if you could instead...
...I could go search for him a bit more!
Good luck!

How did the battles go?
I tried searching for Fluffy, but...
As soon as I stepped out the door, the Toon hall was floating high in the sky!
What is happening to our town?
Go back to Professor Prepostera immediately and get the scoop on this.

Professor Prepostera:
Howdy, [Toon Name]!
Aha, so you're ready to do some science?
Just as I was saying earlier, something strange is going on here.
The gravity, our limbs, and even our own voices...
Everything is going absolutely haywire!
This is the least of the Lab's problems.
Poor Doctor Surlee has had quite a time ever since March 26th.
Take this shirt for your induction as an honorary lab monkey.
I mean, your voice will be a monkey's at some point if we don't put a stop to this!
Come back to me when you're ready to investigate.
Your Loony Labs Shirt will arrive in your mailbox shortly.
Good luck!

0.2.2 - Cog Buster Outfit (Scientoons) (2016 / 2017)

Professor Prepostera:
Excellent, you've returned!
Now, take no fear of that little prototype you see behind me.
Dimm has been helping Doctor Surlee lately with some sort of 'Silly Meter'.
This small prototype, however, hasn't been working too well.
I'm beginning to think that we've lost some parts.
Tell you what: Go fishing in the pond for our sprockets.
It probably wasn't the best idea to drag it through there...
But walking, you know. Gotta save our energy for science!
See ya, [Toon Name]!

Professor Prepostera:
Good, good, good.
I'll go ahead and attach it right after my... Errr... 'Science break.'
It's very important, you know.
In the meantime, I need you to deliver some of these readings to Professor Flake.
He'll definitely find them interesting.

Professor Flake:
Professor Prepostera wanted me to see... What?
I've told him a thousand times, I have no involvement with the S.I.L.L.I.!
I specialize in snow, not silliness.
I'm pretty sure he meant for this to go to...
Hmm, who was it again?
Ah yes, that professor on Oak Street.
Ivy, I think her name is?
Have fun in Toontown!

Professor Ivy:
What's this?
This is all very interesting, believe me.
But there's just one thing that doesn't make sense...
...Who's Professor Prepostera?
Loony Labs? I'm a professor of the arts, not a scientist!
Toons these days have no appreciation for the vine arts.
Go back to this Professor and tell him he's got the wrong gal.
See ya, [Toon Name]!

Professor Prepostera:
I wondered where you had been off to!
Did I say Professor Flake? I meant for those readings to go to Dimm over there.
Just across the room, not across Toontown.
Now, there's no time. I've just made a breakthrough!
Trust me on this one, we must recover fifteen of the largest Cog gears for our machine.
Go, hurry, science depends on it!
So long, [Toon Name].

Professor Prepostera:
Give them here, quick!
Nope, no fit.
In retrospect, of course Cog gears wouldn't have fit in our coffee machine.
Yes, coffee machine.
Which machine did you think I was talking about? That Silly Meter prototype?
Why would we use Cog gears on that?
Bah, amateurs. It's okay.
But now that you mention it, we could use some gears for it...
Go see if Professor Pete has any to spare.
Professor Pete's building is called "Toontown School House"...
...which is in this playground.
Good luck!

Professor Pete:
No gears here!
Try asking Henry the Hazard.
Henry the Hazard's building is called "Skiing Clinic"...
...which is on Walrus Way in The Brrrgh.

Henry the Hazard:
No gears here!
Try asking Samantha Spade.
Samantha Spade's building is called "Trellis the Truth! Private Investigators"...
...which is on Maple Street in Daisy Gardens.

Samantha Spade:
No gears here!
Try asking Cleff.
Cleff's building is called "Notations"...
...which is on Alto Avenue in Minnie's Melodyland.

I do have gears here!
But we're out of stock.
Try asking Loony Louis.
Loony Louis's building is called "Used Clown Cars"...
...which is on Silly Street in Toontown Central.

Loony Louis:
No gears here!
Try asking Professor Prepostera.
Cleff's building is called "Pet Shop"...
...which is in the Toontown Central playground.

Professor Prepostera:
Gears? Oh, yes, I have some right here.
Here you go!

Professor Prepostera:
Excellent, you found some gears!
These specimens will work perfectly with our machine.
The S.I.L.L.I. thanks you for your scientific assistance.
For all of your hard work, I have a little something for you.
Happy April Toons Week!
Your Cog Buster Outfit will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.2.3 - Silly Particle Search (2018)

(upon saying "Good luck!")
Doctor Surlee:
AH! What? Hmm. I see.
I knew I'd be hearing those words soon. Everything is beginning to line up.
I wanted to trigger a ripple in order to lure out the Two... Err, the Fissiontons...
But I never expected anything of that magnitude. A tidalwave.
I was scared to face the town after the entirety of my secret was unveiled.
They know I can't resist a chance to investigate silliness, however.
I suppose you're wanting to find Doctor Fissionton too, hmm?
Yes, yes. We'll get to that. I have a feeling of where to find them.
Before that, I'm going to need to finish my research. Perhaps you can help me.
It'll come in handy for what the Fissiontons are trying to accomplish. Their Bug Bash caused this, after all.
I'm going to need 2,600,000 Silly Particles before my research is complete.
Believe me, the irony of that number is not lost on me.
Don't look so horrified - have your friends help you!
Come back when you have some. Then we'll talk about Fissionton.
Now, I must be back to my research...

Doctor Surlee:
Excellent! You collected [1 - 31] Silly Particles.
Here are [5 - 155 (multiples of 5)] jellybeans for your assistance to Loony Labs!
Once Toons collect [2,599,999 - 1] more, it'll be time to meet Doctor Fissionton.

Doctor Surlee:
Excellent! You collected [1 - 31] Silly Particles.
Wow, you really did collect all of those Silly Particles...
Well, a deal is a deal. It's time to meet Doctor Fissionton.
I'll send Professor Prepostera back here to direct you. See you soon.

0.2.4 - Fissionton's Location / Doctor Surlee Cutout (2018)

Professor Prepostera:
Ah, you must be one of the Toons that so graciously has been helping Doctor Surlee!
I can get you to the secret area that Surlee has been planning in.
I'll just hand you my keycard...
Which should be in my pocket...
Hmm. This is my rewards card from Goofy's Gag Shop.
How positively awkward.
I'll tell you what - I believe that I dropped it in a pond nearby!
You should be able to fetch it, correct?
Stay silly, [Toon Name]!

Professor Prepostera:
Ah! Nicely done. Now, with this card...
Wait a minute. This is my Fish Bingo scorecard.
How in the world did you get this?
Ah, you went down the street to that pond, did you?
Not THAT pond. silly. The BIG one. The one that goes WHOOSH!
It's my favorite pond, after all!
Do you think that you could you go find it for me?
Go out and get that card, [Toon Name]!

(missing hint)

Professor Prepostera:
Yep! That's the pond I was talking about!
Okay, so as I was saying, with this card, you'll be able to...
Wait a minute.
How on earth did I drop my Driver's License in that geyser?
I was wondering where that went.
Phooey, I must have been using that darn keycard in place of my Driver's License.
I hope no Toon has run it over since then.
Hopefully your driving skills aren't over the hill!
I know you'll get that card, [Toon Name]!

Professor Prepostera:
Wait, this is somebody's golf scorecard!
They play a mean par, though.
I forgot that I even played golf last Monday!
I must have been caught up in practicing for my singing duet.
That must be why this card is for... Swing-Time #2. Huh.
If my prior habits are anything to go by...
It is highly probable that the keycard is there.
Go out and giggle, [Toon Name]!

Professor Prepostera:
This is a 'Quarterly Manufacturing and Sales Report'.
...whatever that's supposed to mean.
I'm a scientist, and even I don't say nonsense like that! It's complete gobbledygook!
I'm not aware of any Toon who would have need for a 'Quarterly Manufacturing and Sales Report'.
However, I think a certain metal menace might.
That card MUST be somewhere in the Sellbot Factory.
Stay safe out there, [Toon Name]!

(missing hint)

Professor Prepostera:
Gadzooks! You found the long lost keycard.
And this time, it really is the one I've been looking for!
While you were gone, I received word from Doctor Surlee...
He has found Doctor Fissionton and is eagerly waiting for you to come assist them.
I sure hope you know what you're getting into, [Toon Name]!
Take this keycard and jiggle it through the lock in Toon Hall to enter their secret area.
In hindsight, I suppose we could have used just any keycard for that...
Oh well, off you go! Say 'Hello' to Doctor Fissionton for me.

Doctor Fissionton:
Well, [Toon Name]. A pleasure to finally meet you.
Yes, we expected you would be arriving shortly after the Doctor showed up.
After all of this time, we're finally here together.
It's all been leading up to this, you see! The Final Plan.
With your help, and the genius of Doctor Surlee, we can finally make it happen.
In order to undo the ripples of time travel, we need to bring Toontown something brand new.
Racing, Trolley, Golf, Parties. It's all happened before.
Yet if we can bring Toontown to silliness beyond anything it has seen before - to unwritten territory...
We can finally end the anomalies of the 26th once and for all.
Doctor Surlee is working with us on a plan to completely reconstruct a NEW Silly Meter.
Now that Doctor Surlee has joined us, of course, we won't be needing to tease him any longer.
Maybe you'll have some use of this. Check your mailbox for a little souvenir of this adventure!
As for now, it's time to put The Final Plan into action.
Continue bringing Silly Particles to Surlee, and keep in touch with us.
With more research, the Silly Meter will be completed soon enough.

0.2.5 - Emergency Cream Pack (Fluffy) (2021 - present)

Hey, have you seen my friends? Why, just earlier I was with Barney, Basil, Baxter, Bernie, Bruno, Buster...
Gosh, I've got so many friends!!! But I haven't been able to find them since our last playdate.
Where could they be? Could you find them?? We got split up in a very dark place.
I bet you could use a flashlight!
One time, I met one of Flippy's friends - Canary Coalmine. I bet miners like her have flashlights!!!
Canary Coalmine's building is called "One-Liner Miners"...
...which is on Silly Street in Toontown Central.

Canary Coalmine:
Honey, let me level with you.
I love Flippy's little rascal. I would love ta give you one of my flashlights...but the Sellbots took all of em'!
If you go fight some Sellbots, surely you'll find one of em' lyin' around eventually.

Canary Coalmine:
Nice job gettin' that flashlight.
Come to think of it, I do keep some spares down in the mines, but it's good that you found that one.
Better bring that one back to Fluffy before the little rascal runs over here himself.

Amazing, you got the flashlight!!!
If you ride the Trolley, surely you'll find the dark place where I lost my friends!
Make sure you bring your friends!! If you don't, you might get lost too!!!
Could you and your friends look around there for them? Thanks!!!

They weren't there? Well, did you find anyone else in that dark place?? Any Jellybeans???
You found a bunch of YOUR friends!? That's super great!!!
But I still want to find my friends! I bet that if you had a whistle, you could get their attention!!
I know! Flippy ALWAYS keeps a whistle in his office!!!
Flippy's building is called "Toon Hall"...
...which is in this playground.

So that's what Fluffy has been up to? Gosh, that Doodle sure is a handful sometimes.
I love my buddy though. It always makes me so happy to hear him talk around this time of year!
Here's my trusty whistle, [Toon Name].
I hear that the Pet Shop is about to start rounding up some Doodles, so mention that to Fluffy!

You got the whistle???
AND Flippy told you to help the Pet Shop!?!?!?
Maybe the Pet Shop can find my friends! I know a lot of them hang around there, just waiting for Toons like you to adopt them!!!
I bet the fastest way is by riding the Trolley! Gather your friends, and gather my friends!!!

WOW!!! That's a lot of NEW friends!! While you were gone, I found my other friends too!!
We got lost digging our Portable Holes. That explains why it was so dark!!
I don't know how I can ever repay you for finding me new friends, new friend!
Say, how about this thing I dug up at the Cartoonival???
I don't know what it does, but it looks like it fits on your back!
I'll tell my BEST-EST pal Flippy to send it to your mailbox right away!!!
Your Emergency Cream Pack will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.2.6 - Cog Buster Outfit (Fluffy) (2021 - present)

Did you see?? Did you hear??? You heard, you heard! I'm talking to you!!!
It's April Toons' Week, of course!! I'm having SO much fun!!!
I even tried to play fetch with those Cogs!! Instead, my ball fetched a high price at a Cog auction!
Grrrr, those Cogs!! They make me so, so, so...
April Toons' Week is no fun with them. Could you go bust some Cogs to help?!

Thaaaank yooooou!!!
While you were gone, I went to my favorite shop down on Loopy Lane with Flippy, but those Cogs took it over!!
So then I went down Barnacle Boulevard, and Oak Street, and Polar Place, and Lullaby... Huff, huff...
All my other favorite shops were taken over too!!
Can you go save my favorite shops?!? Please, please, please, please!!!

I'm SO happy!! Thank you SO much!!!
But those Cogs keep taking over my favorite shops!!
They kicked me out of Jumping Beans on Silly Street, even when I was jumping!!!
Those Cogs don't know "silly" at ALL!!!! Not their vea-pea, not their sea-jay, none of them!!!
I heard from Flippy that their big, bad bosses keep sending Cogs to take over all these buildings.
Could you bust one of their bosses and save my favorite shops??? Pleeease!!!

YES!! Thanks, [Toon Name]!
April Toons' Week is already feeling ten million times more Toontastic!!!
Do you want a reward? Flippy always gives ME a reward after Cog battles!! JELLYBEANS!!!
I ate all my Jellybeans, though...
Oh, oh!! I have an idea!!!
Here's this Cog Buster outfit I found! Someone just left it lying behind the Pet Shop!!
I'll have my BEST-EST pal, Flippy, send it right to your mailbox!
Bye, [Toon Name]!!!
Your Cog Buster Outfit will arrive in your mailbox shortly.