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0.5 - Operation Crash Cashbot

0.5.1 - Cashbot Cog-Crusher Outfit
0.5.2 - Cashbot Rental Outfit
0.5.3 - Lipstick Jetpack
0.5.4 - Trolley Box
0.5.5 - Resistance Cape
0.5.6 - Cashbot Crusher Shoes
0.5.7 - Cashbot Stopper Shirt
0.5.8 - Resistance Bag Hat
0.5.9 - Resistance Eyepatch
0.5.10 - Crashed Cashbot Shirt

0.5.1 - Cashbot Cog-Crusher Outfit

Lord Lowden Clear:
Greetings, [Toon Name]!
My name is Lord Lowden Clear; leader of the Toon Resistance.
Thanks to a memo that we intercepted from the Cogs, we know that they are planning a 'C.F.O. Project'...
Thus, we launched Operation: Crash Cashbot HQ to prevent the Cashbot C.F.O. from gaining any more power!
There are plenty of missions lined up for you.
We'll need to get you suited up for the mission before we can begin.
First, go introduce yourself to the other Resistance Rangers around our outpost.
It looks like Bulletin Belle is free to talk.

Bulletin Belle:
Just a sec... Aaaand...
Beautiful poster, don't you think?
I'm Bulletin Belle, one of the Resistance Ranger recruiters.
I guess my ads are working pretty well, since you're here!
Wanna lend a hand? This banner is a commission from Flippy.
Take it and deliver it straight to Toon Hall in Toontown Central.

Ah, my banner!
I asked Belle to make me a banner with a bunch of Cashbot faces on it.
Now I can paint moustaches and funny hats on them myself.
Tell her I said thanks, and good luck with the mission!

Bulletin Belle:
Booyah! Mr. President liked my commission!
I hope he doesn't plan to paint it, though... The reflective gloss I added makes it paint proof.
If you're ever looking for more missions, come visit me again!
Resistance Ranger Cassie is right across the Outpost near some supply boxes.
You can talk to her next!

Cassie Peppercakes:
G'day, mate!
I'm Cassie Peppercakes, the newest gag expert for the Toon Resistance!
Need some gags? You can restock usin' the barrels around the Outpost.
There's a Gag Shop available in the open box car, too.
I'm sure you're a skilled marksman, but I'm gonna need to see how much punch ya can pack.
Defeat a few of the Cogs' reinforcements, and don't be afraid to show off yer skills.

Cassie Peppercakes:
Crickey! You can take out Cogs in yer sleep!
I'd be thrilled to have ya on board, [Toon Name].
Next time you're looking for a mission, come see me.
Make sure to talk to Loopy Loopenloop next. He's not too far from here!

Loopy Loopenloop:
When there's Cogs afoot, I'll be at my station!
The name's Loopy Loopenloop, the brains of the operation.
I get into the mind of a standard Cashbot.
I follow their habits and analyze on the spot.
Banker Bob is tracking all of our looted supplies.
Everything we've taken from Cog parts to neckties.
Can you go over to him and ask for a report?
I need to see our progress, but I have some Cog memos to sort.

Banker Bob:
Ah yeah, I had a report, heh.
I was simply rummaging through our catalog system in the closet when suddenly...
"It's crunch time!"
Lo-and-behold, some sort of Cruncher of Numbers came up and nabbed it.
Could you go grab it back from those thieving Cashbots?
I'll betcha the boss has it by now.

Banker Bob:
Amazing work, [Toon Name]!
Let me just notarize the report...
You're all set to take this to Loopy Loopenloop!

Loopy Loopenloop:
My word, we've got safes and crates and Cogbucks galore!
We don't have many Cog parts, however. That we need more.
Not even a ranger yet and you're already helping out!
Why don't you visit Rocky over there - Lowden's right-hand scout.

Hey there! The name's Rocky.
I'm a Toon Resistance veteran, all the way back from Operation: Storm Sellbot!
I'm sure you want me to put a good word in for you as our newest recruit.
Bean Counters are overrunning the Cashbot offices, trying to get their trains back on track!
Do what you do and show them who's boss.

Perfect! That's three less Bean Counters to worry about.
You got loads of potential, [Toon Name]. I'll let Lord Lowden Clear know you did well.
Speaking of which, he wants to see you right now!

Lord Lowden Clear:
It's great to see you again, recruit!
I've heard great things about you already from the Resistance Rangers.
You've earned your own uniform to show off our colors.
Welcome, [Toon Name], to the Toon Resistance!
Now, head to the Cashbot Vault and stop that C.F.O.
If you need another mission, come back and see any of us Resistance Rangers!
Your Cashbot Cog-Crusher Outfit will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.2 - Cashbot Rental Outfit

Lord Lowden Clear:
Our rental suits are quite fashionable, don't you think?
If you haven't seen one already, you should head into the Cashbot Vault behind me.
If you help me with this mission, I'll get you your own Rental Suit Outfit to where around Toontown!
Cashbots often carry around bonds: Documents of proof saying that Cashbot is owed a favor from another Cog.
If a Cashbot loses its bond, they can't cash in their favor anymore.
If you can swipe a whole bunch of their bonds, that would really grind their gears.

Lord Lowden Clear:
Excellent work, [Toon Name]!
That was some superb Cog-slinging.
I present to you...Your Rental Suit Outfit!
Our tailors designed it to look just like the ones we use to get into the C.F.O.'s vault.
Speaking of the C.F.O., come back and talk to me when you can.
We need to discuss our plans for the Cashbot Boss himself.
Your Cashbot Rental Outfit will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.3 - Lipstick Jetpack

Lord Lowden Clear:
The C.F.O. is not happy at all about this Operation we're carrying out.
He decided to hold on to the Cashbots' three most precious bonds: The I-Owe-You's.
These bonds were directly given to the C.F.O. by the V.P., C.J., and C.E.O.
They are saved for BIG time favors. maybe even 'C.F.O. Project' big.
If we can just get our hands on them, the C.F.O. won't be able to call for outside help!
Are you ready, [Toon Name]?
Challenge the C.F.O. and take those bonds!

Lord Lowden Clear:
One... Two... Three bonds!
You did it, [Toon Name]!
The three I-Owe-You's are in the hands of the Toon Resistance, thanks to you.
As a token of my appreciation, I'd like to give you something.
This accessory is specially made for only the most devoted and tough-as-nails rangers.
Don't forget to check out the ToonTasks available from other Resistance Rangers.
Until next time, keep them busting -- with laughter!
Your Lipstick Jetpack will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.4 - Trolley Box

Recruit, this is an arts and crafts emergency!
A group of Penny Pinchers just came by and took all of our crayon buckets.
Now, we got nothing to use to make more disguises for the Trolley.
I did notice, however, little trails of crayons leading every which way!
Leave no stone unturned [Toon Name] -- pick-pocket some of those red rapscallions when you see them!
They must have our supplies up their sleeves.

Every color returned, from Toontastic Turquoise to Barnacle Brown!
Thank you so much, [Toon Name].
Say, gimme one moment...
Let me just fold this and color that...
Shade in here...
's a Trolley Box Disguise of your own for your Estate!
You like it? I've been told I have a knack for the arts.
Thanks for all of your help assisting the Toon Resistance!
Your Trolley Box Furniture will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.5 - Resistance Cape

Good to see you again, [Toon Name].
Say... You want in on a prank?
A couple of the other Resistance Rangers and I want to get those Cashbots laughing.
We need jelly. Lots of jelly.
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish leave a lot of it floating in the ponds.
Can you catch some for me? Any pond will do.
Looking forward to it!

Wonderful! Now I just need to get the jelly in jars.
Hey, while I get this done, do you mind clearing out the Cashbots outside of the HQ?
They're starting to flood Donald's Dreamland, and we can't fight this battle on two fronts.

My mouth is getting all puffy. I think I'm allergic to peanut butter!
I'm sure it'll be fine. Nothing this tasty can be lethal!
Fantastic work on those Cogs, by the way.
I need to assign you your next task before my mouth becomes as big as a Bear Acuda!
Your fellow recruits could use your help against the C.F.O.
Team up with rental suit Toons and tell the C.F.O. I said hm! Hm? Hm... hmmmm... HMMMM!!!

Welcome back! I got some Gooseberry cream for the swelling, and it's working wonders.
That was some amazing teamwork, [Toon Name].
Maybe one day you can manage a whole squadron like Lord Lowden Clear and I.
For now, I want you to have this. A gift fit for someone with a SuperToon's heart.
Your Resistance Cape will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.6 - Cashbot Crusher Shoes

Loopy Loopenloop:
Greetings, Cog-catcher! Here's the thing with a Cashbot.
Each uses documents for all the numbers that they must jot.
They list all their machinery, supplies, and gizmos of theft.
If we can get these documents, we'll know how much they have left.
We'll see what they have and deplete them of those.
So get me some Income Receipts and Statements of Cash Flows.
The Robber Barons will probably have one or two.
Defeat them and retrieve the papers for this duck to view.

Loopy Loopenloop:
Oh goodness, they have a lot, but I don't know what these are.
Amortization of Sales Equipment? This language is bizarre.
Maybe someone from Loony Labs can decode this nonsense.
Go and ask a doc! I can't take the suspense!

Hmm... This Cog speak is very boring indeed.
Luckily, we have a Cog translator for documents like this.
We should receive results by tomorrow morning. be sure to let Loopy know!

Loopy Loopenloop:
Fantastic! But there's one more document to retrieve.
You got the skills, the endurance, and the strength, I believe.
Cashbots use another document for counting their quantities.
Known as a Balance Sheet, it lists their assets and liabilities.
This is it, [Toon Name]. The big kahuna, if I'm not mistaken.
If you can snatch a few from the Skelecogs, we can see how much we've taken!

Loopy Loopenloop:
Thin paper, no colors, and ink you can see from Toon Hall.
My word, you've cracked the case! These sheets say it all!
I'll give you an award, something for all the trouble.
Here! These look good on you, so don't be stepping in puddles.
Your Cashbot Crusher Shoes will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.7 - Cashbot Stopper Shirt

Bulletin Belle:
Recruit! You came just in time.
Professor Pete called just now asking for urgent assistance.
Could you go over and check out what's wrong?
Professor Pete's building is called "Toontown School House"...
...which is in the Toontown Central playground.

Professor Pete:
Oh wow! Bulletin Belle said you'd be here in a jiff.
Just now, I finished printing out my worksheets on the Physics of Falling Apples and Anvils.
I placed them on my desk and went outside for some fresh air, but when I returned...
The worksheets were gone and replaced with these! They look like Cog documents.
I can print out more worksheets no biggie, but I feel like these are relevant to the Resistance's intel.
Take them back to Bulletin Belle and see what you can uncover!

Bulletin Belle:
Good golly gee. These documents are so... Boring.
This has to be the work of the Number Crunchers. They know how to confuse a Toon with their financial flubbery.
Say, let's get 'em back!
Subtract their numbers and multiply the silliness!

Bulletin Belle:
Well done, recruit!
I'd consider those Number Crunchers, crunched.
I was just skimming these bank statements...
It seems like those Number Crunchers have been paying some pretty hefty debts under the C.F.O.'s name.
Maybe the C.F.O. has a bank statement of his own that we can capture.
Take him on, and try to find his personal bank statement.

Bulletin Belle:
Jiminy Cricket! Twenty-five thousand Cogbucks on new golf clubs!?
The C.F.O. may be good at numbers, but he's definitely not good at sports.
And why would he be planning to visit Bossbot HQ?
I'll hand this over to Loopy for further analyzing.
Thank you so much for your help, recruit.
Here's some Cashbot-stopping apparel for your wardrobe.
Your Cashbot Stopper Shirt will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.8 - Resistance Bag Hat

Bulletin Belle:
Hello again, [Toon Name]!
I could use a second pair of hands if you're not busy.
I just designed a new Loan Shark poster, but I have nowhere to hang 'em because of all the new Cashbot buildings popping up.
Could you deal with some of 'em? You'd be a big help.

Bulletin Belle:
I can't thank you enough for taking down those buildings!
My team of recruiters are putting up the posters as we speak.
Now... I want to let you in on a little secret.
A couple Resistance Rangers and I are planning to film a Toontastic prank on the Cashbots in one of the Mints...
...And we really need to know some good hiding places for the cameras.
Could you do a run-through and let me know of any funny cracks or corners you see?

Bulletin Belle:
On the goons' heads! Of course! Remarkable work.
I'll be sure to tell the others.
But... Bad news incoming.
Apparently, the Loan Sharks weren't too happy with my latest poster design.
They're tearing 'em down left and right...
...All because I called 'em "guppies" and "smelly" and "not as cool as the pool sharks."
If you can get rid of those negative nellies, you'd be a real life saver.

Bulletin Belle:
Posters, up. Cameras, placed. Guppies, destroyed.
Gee golly, recruit. You've helped me blaze through my whole to-do list!
Why don't you take this? It's a collection of Cashbot Coins in the form of stylish headwear.
It has a nice droopy look that the kids are into nowadays... I think.
Your Resistance Bag Hat will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.9 - Resistance Eyepatch

Cassie Peppercakes:
'Ello, [Toon Name]! I got a little goose chase for ya.
Lot of the shopkeepers have been bakin' pies with a secret ingredient to use against the Cashbots.
I don't wanna spoil the recipe, but let's just say the flavor will be jalapeƱo taste buds for a while. Wink wink.
Could ya wrangle up some of the spicy sheilas from our resident shopkeepers?
Pete should have his done by now, I'd reckon.
Sweaty Pete's building is called "Heat-Get It While It's Hot"...
...which is on Sleet Street in The Brrrgh.

Sweaty Pete:
Phew! Just finished baking the last one.
Knock yourself out! A fiery doom awaits these Cogs.
Our pal Rick's baking his own special blend at his shop.
Rick Rockhead's building is called "Cast Iron Kites"...
...which is on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central.

Rick Rockhead:
Yep yep! I got a fresh batch of pies right here.
Remember, they are meant for throwin', not eatin'!
This can't be right, but the next baker seems to have been changed to... Goofenshmirtz? The Resistance Ranger?
They say he's in the Sellbot Factory.
Welp, I'll letcha track him down.

Hello, [Toon Name]! They said you'd be showing up soon.
You gotta get these pies to Cassie when you're done here. The hotter the pie, the better the splat!
What am I doing here, you ask?
Hahaha, what can I say? I liked Operation: Storm Sellbot better!
That's okay though, the Resistance has been keeping me busy!
Thanks for checking up on me!

Cassie Peppercakes:
You're true blue, [Toon Name]!
These pies are fresh, hot, and extra spicy.
I just need to top 'em off with a couple of chili peppers for that extra bite.
...But those bodgy Skelecogs took them right outta my 'ands!
You're a Toon with a wicked pie arm.
Get back my peppers from those Skelecogs, will ya?

Cassie Peppercakes:
Good on ya, love!
gotta cut these bad boys up and make sure they don't get into the wrong 'ands again.
You're a mighty fine recruit, [Toon Name].
But as good as ya are protecting yerself, ya need to be able to protect yer fellow rangers too.
Help yer comrades against the C.F.O. and gather some Unites.
Make sure ya have empty spaces for them!

Cassie Peppercakes:
I feel like you're already a seasoned Resistance Ranger, [Toon Name].
I'd be stoked to be able to work with ya again!
Take this on yer path. It intimidates the Cogs. Even some Toons!
Your Resistance Eyepatch will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.5.10 - Crashed Cashbot Shirt

Cassie Peppercakes:
G'day, ol' chum!
Today, I'm gonna teach ya about the different Cashbot duties when it comes to supplies and shipments.
Firstly, there's the Tightwads. Lots of 'em drive the trains to and from Cog Nation.
We take them out of the equation, shipments come to a screechin' halt.
Put those gag skills to work!

Cassie Peppercakes:
Blimey! I'm seein' conductor hats fallin' left and right!
Next on our list are the Bean Counters. They keep records of all the shipments goin' in and out of the HQ.
No Bean Counters means no supply trackers.
Reel them in, recruit!

Cassie Peppercakes:
You're doin' mighty fine, recruit!
Lastly are the Money Bags.
These big boys carry supplies to and from the trains.
Without them, the Cashbots can't even get their shipments onto the HQ floor.
They gotta kick the bucket, stat. Work yer Toontastic magic!

Cassie Peppercakes:
Just look at the teachin' skills on me! A little lesson in Cogology mixed with a couple trainin' exercises.
Thank you, [Toon Name].
You've not only further our cause, but ya made me feel like a real general.
Here's a little gift from me, 'cause you can really crash those robo-bullies!
Your Crashed Cashbot Shirt will arrive in your mailbox shortly.