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0.4 - Operation Storm Sellbot

0.4.1 - Sellbot Cog-Crusher Outfit
0.4.2 - Sellbot Stopper Shirt
0.4.3 - Smashed Sellbot Shirt
0.4.4 - Sellbot Rental Outfit
0.4.5 - 5 5-Star Throw SOS Cards
0.4.6 - 5 5-Star Squirt SOS Cards
0.4.7 - Sellbot Cog-Crusher Shades

0.4.1 - Sellbot Cog-Crusher Outfit

Lord Lowden Clear:
Greetings from the Toon Resistance!
I take it you know who I am: Lord Lowden Clear, leader of the Toon Resistance...
...And mastermind behind this operation!
I've got loads of missions for you, but they're going to be tough.
However, the reward is only available for a limited time!
We're going to need to get you suited up before you get started.
First, go and introduce yourself to the other Resistance Rangers around the Outpost.
See ya, [Toon Name]!

Another new recruit, I see.
I'm Resistance Ranger Rocky, one of the leaders of this Operation.
I've got all sorts of ToonTasks for you to provide you with the Boss-fighting supplies you need.
Cog parts, merits, SOS cards - you name it.
Speaking of which, why don't you bust a few of them in the Factory area while you're here?
We don't want them getting too close to camp...
So long, [Toon Name].

Excellent, that will keep the Cogs low until the next recruit comes.
Remember, if you're in need of any Cog battle gear, come see me.
In the meantime, go introduce yourself to Goofenshmirtz. You'll like him.
Good luck!

Ha, HA! Welcome to the cause!
Ooohohoho, Lord Lowden Clear was right about this operation...
The Sellbots won't stand a chance!
If you're in need of any, heh, advancements in weaponry...
That's gags, mind you.
...Then come see me!
I say, though, my supplies are running rather low.
Could you bring me a couple of cream pie slices?

That'll do! That'll do nicely.
Now, why waste your time? You have Cogs to BUST!
Loop over to Loopy Loopenloop before heading back.
He has missions that'll give you quite the boost, hehe!
Good luck!

Loopy Loopenloop:
AH! Oh!
You snuck up without a sound.
You can't be too careful with all these Cog buildings around.
Here is a deal that I'm dealing for you:
You do missions for me, I multiply your experience by two.
Before we get started, defeat Shakers for jokes.
I'd do it myself, but I'm afraid that I'd choke.

Loopy Loopenloop:
Excellent, excellent. We'll make use of these soon.
Send my regards to Lowden - I expect you by noon!

Lord Lowden Clear:
You've done well, [Toon Name]!
I think it's about time you get started on Storming Sellbot Headquarters.
Take this suit, and wear it proudly.
I expect great things from you as our Operation continues!
Your Cog-Crusher Outfit will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.4.2 - Sellbot Stopper Shirt

Lord Lowden Clear:
Now that you're suited up, I think it's time to get started.
With our Cog Rental Suits, Toons can go into the VP battle without a disguise.
The problem is - they're going to need help in there.
The VP has lower Cog levels than normal, but we need all the help we can get...
For your first mission, help 5 Rental Suit Toons defeat the VP.
Whether you have a suit or not, you can enter the doors behind me to go.
Good luck in there.

Lord Lowden Clear:
Excellent, you did it!
I bet those Toons were proud.
Now, even if you have your Cog Disguise, you can enter the VP at any time without a promotion.
You won't get promoted to the next level, but you'll earn SOS Cards!
While you're out here, let's take down some Cogs around the Factory.
We don't want them to catch up with us, after all.

Lord Lowden Clear:
Did you defeat all of those Cogs already?
That was quick work. I'll have to give you more next time!
Finally, before you go, take this mission report down to Detective Lima.
He'll want to know all about our progress over here.
Detective Lima's building is called "Spill the Beans"...
...which is on Oak Street in Daisy Gardens.
See you later!

Detective Lima:
What's this?
Something something, Toon Resistance...
Something something, Sellbot HQ...
Ah! I see!
Thanks for the update. You Toons are doing well over there.
You know, I've been looking into the Sellbots lately...
And your Outpost may be the perfect place to collect some data.
Could you search for a few Sellbot Memos while you're over there?
Good luck!

Detective Lima:
Great job, [Toon Name]! Take this reward...
Your Sellbot Stopper Shirt will arrive in your mailbox shortly.
Good luck!

0.4.3 - Smashed Sellbot Shirt

Lord Lowden Clear:
Back for more, you say? I like it!
While I prepare your next mission, I have a little side quest for you...
Out on the street, the number of Sellbot buildings is beginning to rise.
Plenty of the Cogs from the courtyard fled over there.
Why don't you wipe out a few of them for us?
So long, [Toon Name].

Lord Lowden Clear:
I see you had no trouble wiping out those buildings!
I actually had a mission ready for you...
But a little birdie told me that Flippy needs help.
We can't have our President of the Toon Council in peril, can we?
Go see what Flippy needs, and report back when you're ready for your next assignment.
Flippy's building is called "Toon Hall"...
...which is in the Toontown Central playground.

I'm glad you could find time to come over here!
I've heard that the Operation is going well.
Last time those Cogs captured me, though, I think I lost Fluffy's collar!
He's my 'Doodle', you know.
He's one of a kind, so I certainly don't know what I'd do if he got lost.
Can you defeat the VP a few times to see if you find it?
So long, [Toon Name].

It wasn't in there?
Yeesh, maybe one of those Cogs picked it up.
What in the name of Walt would a Cog want with a Doodle collar?
Can you try and recover it from them?
Have fun in Toontown!

Howdy, [Toon Name]!
You did it!
I knew you were a great Toon ever since I saw you at the Toontorial.
Thanks so much for your help.
Here, take this. It'll look good on you!
Your Smashed Sellbot Shirt will arrive in your mailbox shortly.
So long, [Toon Name].

0.4.4 - Sellbot Rental Outfit

Lord Lowden Clear:
Good job helping Flippy. He spoke highly of you.
That 'Doodle' freaks me out a bit, frankly...
But nonetheless - he's happy!
Before you begin this next mission, I must warn you that it's going to require some strength.
These Rental Suits won't be around for much longer...
But I figured that you may have grown fond of them.
If you finish this mission, I'll give you one for your own apparel.
Let's begin. These Cogs don't stand a chance with you on our side.
Defeat 75 Sellbots.
I told you it wouldn't be easy. Good luck!

Lord Lowden Clear:
Good, good. They're taking quite the toll!
With the factory in motion, though...
They're just going to keep coming back.
I've got a brilliant idea, though!
If we can stop the memos from reaching the Factory...
Then the Factory won't know what to produce!
Try and intercept 5 memos from Sellbots.

Lord Lowden Clear:
Great work!
With a damper in their forces that strong...
It's the perfect time to make our move.
Here is your final mission.
I need you to lead our forces against the Vice President.
Help 15 Toons with Rental Suits defeat him.
I'm counting on you, [Toon Name]!

Lord Lowden Clear:
I must say, you can tickle me impressed.
You have made an outstanding achievement towards our cause...
And the Cogs certainly know who you are now!
Take this Rental Suit, and wear it proudly.
You are a true hero of this Operation!
There are still plenty of missions to complete, however.
Until next time, [Toon Name]...
Keep them busting -- with laughter!
Your Rental Outfit will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

0.4.5 - 5 5-Star Throw SOS Cards

I have a different type of reward for you here, if you're up for the challenge...
To keep up with all of these rewards, I'm going to need more supplies!
To start out, I need some Sellbot Parts from the facory.
Can you go recover some for me?

Excellent, those parts will serve me nicely.
Next up, I'm going to need some Merits to stockpile. We can't get enough of them!
Are you tired of Sellbot HQ by now?
Here, collect some from buildings instead.
Go and defeat four mid-sized Sellbot buildings.

Aha! Now, onto the last set of supplies.
It seems silly, but I just love collecting SOS cards.
...And I mean LOVE collecting SOS cards.
To get enough, go and rescue 10 of them. It'll be fun!
Make sure that your SOS inventory has one free space before turning in this ToonTask.
Have fun in Toontown!

Wow, these are some good ones!
That should be enough supply for now.
If you ever have free time, I can always use some more supplies.
Now that you've helped me, feel free to call on me for assistance any time.
You now have 5 5-Star Throw SOS Cards.

0.4.6 - 5 5-Star Squirt SOS Cards

Loopy Loopenloop:
I see that you've come right back for a loop!
I've got quite the reward, if you're willing to stoop.
There's one piece of research I've been working on for weeks...
With the help of you, I think we can accelerate its tweaks.
...What was it again? I can't even remember!
My mind's been a bit troubled since last December.
With the Factory Foreman, I've got a big bone to pick.
Go defeat him - that will make my mind click!

Loopy Loopenloop:
Did he cower in fear? Bah, it does not matter.
Between smile and frown, it must be the latter.
I've remembered my research, so let me explain it quick.
It seems that the Movers and Shakers are pulling a trick.
It's hard to say what -- they've got quite some cloaks.
But for some reason they've been stealing plenty of jokes!
To determine why, what, where, and when...
Let's collect a few more. Somewhere around ten.

Loopy Loopenloop:
Yikes, with so many jokes to collect again and again...
We've got to find the source, rather than another ten.
What do they need them for? Who gave them the memo?
I bet it was the Vice President of these Cogs, you know.
Let's go and defeat him, two times of course.
I'm thinking that it may even be written in morse.

Loopy Loopenloop:
I see you found a memo! Let's have a looksee here...
Just as I expected, the message isn't quite clear.
Deliver this to Lowden, the clearest of all.
Come right back to me - my word is law!

Lord Lowden Clear:
Oh, hello [Toon Name].
I've seen you running over to Loopy a lot - is he continuing his research?
Oh, this is interesting...
I'll deliver this to the Resistance to have it deciphered as soon as possible.
Your work here is done, [Toon Name].
Report back to Loopy Loopenloop.
Make sure that your SOS inventory has one free space beforehand.

Loopy Loopenloop:
Excellent, I know that memo will be of good use.
But the war of Cogs and Toons is far from a truce.
You're welcome to help me research any time, I say!
I'm certain that more memos are on the way.
Now take your reward, and use it wise!
You can call on me when needed, on Cogs of any size.
You now have 5 5-Star Squirt SOS Cards.

0.4.7 - Sellbot Cog-Crusher Shades

With all of these missions, I bet you're swamped!
You've been doing great assistance to the Resistance...
So why don't you take a break from the Operation and help some Toons outside of the area?
As your reward, I'll give you a little bit of style to add onto your Resistance uniform.
So long, [Toon Name].

Lord Lowden Clear:
Hi, [Toon Name]!
Great job! I'm sure those Toons are thankful.
Now, let's get back to the missions.
Your Cog-Crusher Shades will arrive in your mailbox shortly.
Have fun in Toontown!